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I am a teacher or a school administrator!

Valuez "enables" conversations on topics that actually matter!

(Only 15 minutes of screen-time a day, researched content designed to engage and lay foundation for character constructing conversations)

We help kids connect deeply to any topic by making it relatable, entertaining, inspiring and easy to understand.

Our pedagogically sound approach boosts creation of a rooted personality equipped with 21st century skills, while building socio-emotional capability.

We’ve delivered powerful learning experiences to over 1 Lakh students and 120+ schools, in near future technologies and Life skills/values.

We help build strong schemas or building blocks of a kid’s learning with lasting impact. A strong moral code is essential to enable right behavior and choices.

What we have to offer?

Valuez Rhymes

Original modern values based melodious song rhymes! Feel the pleasure of listening to your child hum meaningful songs instead of rap or rock!

Valuez Stories

Engaging Stories are the best means to communicate with a child. Try them and you won't have to be "preachy" or start with "when we were your age..." again!

Future Ready Bulletins

A Bulletin for kids, with a difference! 0 negativity, only cutting edge advancements from around the World to inspire your child and be future-ready!


Techies with Ethics

Simple explained! Handpicked technology linked topics from all over the globe presented in a student friendly manner, through original age-appropriate videos.

conversation matters

Values Modules

Encourage your child to watch one module a day, and have an eye to eye, heart to heart chat about it. Choose from a diverse range of topics like "Teaching boys to take permission from girls", "Respecting Grandparent", "Doing own work" and many more!


Valuez Live

Simple explained! Handpicked technology linked topics from all over the globe presented in a student friendly manner, through original age-appropriate videos.

About Valuez

Questions & Answers

Q1. Imbibe Values in a child, Really?

Well told Stories and simple rhymes are really effective! Each story and rhyme is crafted to inspire, and enable meaningful parent-child conversations. We have positive feedback from 500+ parents with kids beginning sleeping in their rooms, making their own bed, boys seeking permission from girls and so on...

Q2. Technology topics! Would my child understand?

Through our conversational engaging style, simple language, interesting characters and strong visuals we bring new technologies to the level a 7+ year child shall understand.

Q3. Bulletin of the Week? I don't want to expose my child to any negativity?

This is a truly unique bulletin presented in a happy, peppy way and brings forth only wonderful advancements from around the World mainly in the fields of technology, environment and Space! Built specially to inspire kids, it steers light years clear from any politics, negativity or anything inappropriate.

Q4. Newsletter - What's that about?

This is a newsletter built by kids for kids! All editorial decisions by a group of 8-12 year olds and your child can also contribute. This is their zone - Adults not allowed!

Q5. So that's Technology topics, Values Stories and Rhymes, Weekly Bulletins, Newsletters - Is that all?

There's much more! We bring your child closer to the heart of India, our cultural traditions, our art-forms, knowledge topics presented by kids! We also talk to you - the child inside every parent and take you down the memory lane to your childhood of the 80s-90s colony or mohalla. Get your child to time-travel with you!

Q6. Sounds great...but more screen-time, more Ads.

We are not designed for long time viewing, but focused on the richness and depth of every single content. In fact, we strongly encourage no more than 15 minutes of screen time every day. It is important to converse with the child about their experience and topics which they saw. 10% inaugural discount, 100% Ad free and 100% Safe!


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