About Us

Why choose us?

Knowledge Base from Experts, Teachers and Parents

We consult child psychologists, counsellors, teachers and parents to constantly churn ideas

Instruction Design Format

For all course bundles, an instruction design based format has been used for engaging children and checks for attention and retention.

Age Appropriate and Rooted Content

We are careful about choice of subjects, words and a stringent assurance process to ensure the same.

Constantly Evolving

We love to engage with all stakeholders in a child’s journey and take all suggestions and criticism in our stride to evolve our content.

Our Team

Harsh Roy

Harsh is a creative geek by soul, with strong operations and delivery experience. Grad & Post Grad from IIT Bombay, MBA (Gold Medal) from SPM, Gandhinagar, he has core Operations execution and management experience of 13+ years in Oil and Gas sector within India and overseas. Being on a rotational work pattern for most of his career, he used the off period to travel extensively and keep growing his passion for Indian values, culture and art. Founded in 2019, the Valuez brand focusses on impactful early education content based on values derived from Indian ethos, adapted to current social context.

Harsh Roy

Mohit Garg

Mohit is a business leader with 15+ yrs of experience building and defining global B2B and B2C products. His global experience has helped him understand the importance of bringing India unique values and traditions to the mainstream market. He spends his time between Silicon Valley and India. He holds several US patents in the field of digital marketing. He graduated top of his class and was awarded the graduation gold medals at both IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay.

Manas Gajare

Sonali Sharma

A born storyteller at heart, Mother of an 8 year old Myra, a Graduate in Communicative English, Post Grad in English Literature, B.Ed in Hearing Impairment and PG Diploma in Instructional Design. She has developed multi- sensory pedagogical learning techniques for children with multiple learning and physical impairments (Shishur Sevay, Kolkata, ) and UAE (Volunteer with Al Noor) She believes true learning occurs when knowledge becomes an experience and is embedded.as a permanent memory.

Sonali Sharma

Aditya Vijay Singh

Aditya is a Gen Z dreamer, who is not defined by a conventional description. Aditya’s passion lies in capturing stories through photography, a avid videographer and designer, his calling lies in processing raw inputs and converting into something aesthetic, pleasing or provoking to senses. He is a trained photographer, video editor, designer and responsible for Product design linked aspects for the brand.

Aditya Vijay Singh


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