Skills that can go on every daughter’s DAD’s Resume’ !

January 10, 2022

This picture post is a light take on many hats Dads don! There is no intention of any gender stereotyping. Indeed, many Moms teach Maths, and train as Commandos. Read our post on “Evolving Mom” for our take on amazing multi-tasking role-jugglers Moms are.Can become a paunchy version of Nana Patekar from Prahaar at the sight of any hanging or climbing contraption in a Park, and is usually found shouting “We will not be defeated!” “Chopras do not surrender!” as the little one is atop an obstacle!That moment when Mom missiles and Daughter missiles are exploding mid-air, and there is no end in sight of the war, as she has carried your wife’s “Never get defeated” gene and your “thick skin” gene! You enter the war zone with a white dove and a message of peace and Wife’s Missiles’ target coordinates quickly change to where you are at!Of course, when you are leading a battalion of corporate boss pleasers in office, you may not want to mention your secret liking to sit back, relax and have your daughter put on Lipstick, her tiara, Nail polish too, and understand from her the difference between an Eyeliner and Eye-shadow, also that concealer is not for anything south of Face! Your knowledge of Palazzo, Capri, Sharara Pants will come handy if there is any weird quiz or game during team-building! Putting up a tent with bed-sheets in her Toy room, and getting to read a story with a Torch, or turn it into a Cave full of weird animals doing weird stuff! Maybe this is where JK Rowling got all her ideas.So, if a situation at work does involve carrying a significantly heavy mammal on your back or shoulders, look no further than daughter’s Dads as unlike talking, walking, or lone loo visits, there is no age barrier to Dad riding.Even though all her questions are on the dresses or uniform that players are wearing, trust our Dads to talk about the importance of Maths and the concept of Required run rates!Ever so often, Dads have to perform complicated surgeries and breathe life into cases beyond the realm of what modern medical science can ever achieve, including head transplants.Whenever language changes to numbers instead of alphabet, Moms hit the Spa as Dads remember that concept of Zero as a written digit in the decimal place value notation was developed in India by male mathematicians and apparently Shakuntala Devi is more an exception than inspiration.Rely on Dads to muster all learnings from decades of Byomkesh, Sherlock, Karamchand, Daniel Craig of Knives Out, as long as they don’t have to leave their “Sheldon Spot” to solve the case of missing Doll.But apart from these, there are some moments, like when she comforts you realizing that you are hurt after a fight with Mom. Those moments she is just your daughter and you, her Dad! And you will trade that role any day for all the Roles on your LinkedIn profile.Find awesomely original song rhymes, stories, culture trivia, brain games on Valuez App available for free download on Android devices at – Dad view blog by Harsh Roy for Valuez