Nirav Mehta

Excellent App and good innovative idea to develop valuez in our kids which were lost somewhere in our fast and busy lives. Until corona came as blessing in disguise to let us pause and think for our most valuable assets which are our Kids. This app has all the potential to bring back all those lost values in our kids.. Will use it fully for my both kids. Thanks Team Valuez !!!

Himanshu Kumar

The way the moral valuez are presented is very easy for kids to understand and for parents to explain. The option of audio books and video in one app is very innovative and helps in developing a child's imagination and creativity. Highly recommended.

Shuchi Agarwal

Absolutely amazing! Apps like these are truly required in today's time. Loved it! Your children would love it too!

Vikas Guliani

Very enriching and clean app for kids. there are no apps in this particular space. Thanks to the developers.

Sudhanshu Garg

Great for the first launch. Greater is the vision behind this. Our kids watch videos all the time. What if they could also learn basic values while at it? Kudos to the team and best wishes.