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Treasure Chest

A money treasure lasts only till you spend it or someone steals it. Our knowledge and values treasure lasts an entire lifetime and can never be stolen!

So, let’s have a quick peek at what’s inside the treasure chest!

  • A friendly narrator leading into original melodious songs, all imbibing values of relevance for our kids in modern context. Topics as “Asking permission from a girl”, “making own bed”, “not to worry on the day of exam”, “helping the needy”, “when guests come home” and so on, nearly 40+ melodious and foot tapping songs.
  • Original stories all based in today’s world, interwoven with objectives, probing questions, conversation cues, vocabulary words and learnings. Only 1 story a day or before bed, followed by parent or teacher sharing their insights, shall leave an impression that lasts a lifetime. Try it! More effective than any amount of scolding, preaching or “when I was your age” rants.
  • Valuez Bulletin of the Week: A weekly bulletin like no other – 0 negativity, 0 noise, 0 politics. All about near future technologies and advancements which will impact our kids in present and near future. Presented by anchors in a kid friendly, fun way. Watch every week to stay ahead, and stay inspired!
  • Techies with Ethics modules: Ever wondered how we can get power of the Sun on Earth, how mountain tunnels are built, how 3D printing can build houses, what Net Zero emissions actually mean, what really is the World of Metaverse, Web 3.0, NFTs, can blockchain be explained through a story? Just watch our host stand-up comedian guide you through the topics – both pros and cons, and what responsible use of the technology means!

50+ Valuez Songs and Stories

Valuez bulletin of the week

“Techies with Ethics” modules

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